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Interior Detailing

bronze package interior car truck detailing

Bronze Interior Detail

  • Quick vacuum
  • Windows cleaned
  • Dash wiped down.
  • For your not so dirty car.
silver package interior car truck detailing

Silver Interior Detail

  • Vacuum floors
  • Clean floor mats
  • Windows cleaned
  • Dash wiped down
  • Light Steam clean of center console area.
  • Great for moderately dirty vehicle
gold package interior car truck detailing

Gold Interior Detail

  • Vacuum Floors & Mats
  • Windows cleaned
  • Dash wiped down
  • Dash vents cleaned
  • Deep Cleaning of the door panels, center console, cup holders etc.
  • Steam clean headliner
  • Leather Substitute (full horsehair brush with ph neutral cleaner on leather seats)
  • Full hot extraction with PH neutral rinse to keep stains away
  • Ozone machine ran for optimal time to kill/remove smells (smokers)
auto interior detailing toledo

Add-ons Available
(for bronze & gold packages)

Carpet Extraction (Shampooing)
Stain removal
Headliner cleaning
Smoke and Odor removal
Pet hair Removal

Prices are for a standard sized car larger vehicles like Trucks Suvs and Vans also vehicles that are extra dirty, excessive pet hair and sand carry an extra cost. Flawless Finish Detailing will not work on vehicles with bodily fluid (vomit, blood, urine, feces etc) no exception.

auto interior detailing toledo